The schedule details will be filled in as the semester progresses (and future weeks are subject to change, but as much as is known is documented here).

See Weekly Schedule for the bi-weekly expectations for each team.

Week Lead Team Blog Team Topic
0: 23 Aug Dave Starting the Seminar
1: 28/30 Aug 14
2: 4/6 Sep 25
3: 11/13 Sep 36
4: 18/20 Sep 41
5: 25/27 Sep 52
6: 4 Oct TBD (2 Oct is Fall Classes Break)
7: 9/11 Oct 63
8: 16/18 Oct 14
9: 23/25 Oct 25
10: 30 Oct/1 Nov 36
11: 6/8 Nov 41
14: 13/15 Nov 5 2
15: 20 Nov TBD (22 Nov is Thanksgiving Break)
16: 27/29 Nov 6 3
17: 4 Dec TBD (Last meeting is 4 December)

Leading Team Schedule

As the leading team, your job is to select a worthwhile topic, decide on a reading assignment (which can include things other than reading and is not limited to typical research papers) for the class, write questions that the class should write responses to in preparation for the discussion, and lead an interesting, engaging, and illuminating class!

You have two class sessions to present your topic (Monday and Wednesday meetings), so please don’t just give a series of unconnected, dull presentations. You need to think of things to do in class to make it more worthwhile and engaging. Some of your class may be presenting ideas using slides, but you should aim to also include other things such as whiteboard presentations, group discussions, class activities, etc.

Two weeks minus a day before your team is scheduled to lead, you should have an idea what you want to do, tentative list of readings or other materials, and send this to me by 5:29pm on the Tuesdday. For example, the team leading on 11/13 September should send the plan on Tuesday, August 29. I will give you some quick feedback on this, and we can meet after class on Wednesday to discuss.

One week before your team is scheduled to lead, you should post the materials for the week, including the response questions or activities, on the course discussion site. So, the team leading on 11/13 September should do this by Wednesday, September 6 at 5:29pm.

For teams leading the first few weeks, this schedule is not possible, so is adjusted in the schedule below. The team leading 28/30 August will get a rough plan from me on the first class, and submit a plan for posting by 5:29pm on Thursday, 24 August. The team leading the second week 4/6 September should decide on a general plan for the week and send it to me by 5:29pm on Sunday, 27 August. Then, the materials should be ready for posting by Wednesday, 30 August.

After you’ve completed the class meeting, you should help the Blogging team by providing them with your materials, answering their questions, and reviewing their write-up.

Preparation Deadlines

All deadlines are at 5:29pm on the date listed.

DatePre-PlanMaterials Ready (Wednesday, 5:29pm)
Thursday, 24 AugustTeam 2Team 1
Sunday, 27 AugustTeam 3Team 2
Sunday, 3 SeptTeam 4Team 3
Sunday, 10 SeptTeam 5Team 4
Sunday, 17 SeptTeam 6Team 5
Sunday, 24 Sept--
Sunday, 1 OctTeam 1Team 6
Sunday, 8 OctTeam 2Team 1
Sunday, 15 OctTeam 3Team 2
Sunday, 22 OctTeam 4Team 3
Sunday, 29 OctTeam 5Team 4
Sunday, 5 NovTeam 6Team 5
Sunday, 12 Nov-Team 6
Sunday, 19 Nov--
Sunday, 26 Nov--

Blogging Team

The blogging team is responsible for writing a post that summarizes the materials and discussion for the class. A draft of the blog should be submitted as a pull request no later than the following Monday (so the blog for the week of August 28/30 is due on Monday, 4 September.

Before the scheduled class, develop a team plan for how to manage the blogging. One team member should be designated the team leader for the blogging. The blogging leader is responsible for making sure the team is well coordinated and everyone knows what they are doing and follows through on this. The blogging team should take detailed notes (this can be distributed among the team — make sure you know who is responsible for taking notes on each part).

Note that as the blogging team, you are not expected to post responses or questions this week (although you may if you want to, of course), but you are still expected to participate actively in the class.

By the Monday following class, have a draft of the blog post ready, and share it with the rest of the class (including the leading team and coordinators) for comments. Instructions for how to prepare the blog post are on the Blogging Mechanics page.

By the following Friday, have a final version of the blog post ready to add to the course site.