Weekly Schedule

This is the regular bi-weekly schedule:

Week Lead Team Blogging Team Everyone Else
Two Weeks Before Come up with idea for the week and planned readings, send to me by 5:29pm on Tuesday (2 weeks - 1 day before) - -
Week Before Post plan and questions in github discussions by no later than 9am Wednesday; prepare for leading meetings Prepare plan for blogging (how you will divide workload, collaborative tools for taking notes and writing) Read/do materials and respond to preparation questions in github discussions (by 5:29pm Sunday)
Week of Leading Meetings Lead interesting, engaging, and illuminating meetings!
Aim to include activities, discussions, whiteboard presentations, etc., not just showing powerpoint slides.
Take notes to prepare to write blog; participate actively in class meetings Participate actively in class meetings
Week After Help blogging team with materials, answering questions Write blog summary, submit PR Provide feedback on blog summary